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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Style Arc Linda Pants

I've joined the bandwagon and become a fan of the Style Arc Linda Pant. Everyone seems to love it and now I see why!
I made these out of a strange black stretch denim from EmmaOneSock. There are red flecks in the black fabric, although from far away, it almost looks maroon. I have noticed this in many red/black fabrics and I'm not fond of it.

I cut the pants making only one change, to add to the front waist, and I shouldn't have bothered. The pants fit perfectly, although I needed to make a 3" hem instead of 2".

I'm wearing them with a beloved vest that I got second-hand last year;
and also with my TNT McCalls red sweater jacket
I am almost ready to share my mirrored and embroidered evening jacket...I'm just waiting for some Swarovski rhinestones to arrive so I can finish it off!
It's been a good week for sewing!


  1. These pants look great, Margy! That's interesting about the red flecks reading as maroon. I will have to keep an watch on that though I don't think I have any red flecked black fabrics.

    And that vest. WOW. The outfit is really nice!

  2. What a cool outfit! Love the entire ensemble. ;)

  3. The whole outfit looks great! Welcome to the SA bandwagon...it's starting to get crowded, but it's a very good crowd ;)

  4. It has indeed been a good week for sewing Margy! You look FAB-U-LOUS as ever. I might copy that neck detail from your beloved vest. What a great find!

  5. The ensemble is so sophisticated. Nice work!

  6. I like the fabric of those pants. They look terrific!

  7. I'd say to stay on that bandwagon -- great fit and good looking too. Love the vest with the pants.

  8. Great looking pants, Margy. I really like the fabric. I think the "maroon" effect is actually quite chic with the other (wonderful) garments in your outfit. The trick of the eye created by the two-toned fabric adds more interest, and avoids a matchy-matchy look. Such a style maven you are!