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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Cape

As I mentioned, I promised to make a wool cape for my daughter to wear while D-J-ing in the desert. She had brought me one to refashion, but it was pretty yucky, and I figured I might as well invest in good material, as long as I was investing my time. I used Simplicity 5794 view C.

I ordered black wool melton and silver poly satin for the lining. Capes like these take a LOT of fabric...6 yds of 60" for each. All went well untilI began to sew the 4 pieces together. I recalled, 10 years ago, after sewing several King Size duvet covers, vowing NEVER to sew a voluminous project again. Too late!

Here is the cape, on me. The trim is silver flocked velvet. Needless to say, my entire studio is covered in silver sparkles! I added some interior pockets to the lining.

The clasp is a lovely heavy pewter celtic ornament, salvaged from the original cape.
Because my DD reads my blog (Hi, Maggie!) suffice it to say I'm glad the project is over(!!!!); I walked into her house yesterday, surprising her with it as she was getting ready to host our Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, back to sewing for ME (after a good cleaning of the studio)!


  1. I can imagine that this was an onerous project, but it sure came out great! She must be tickled pink with a gorgeous new warm cape and you earned some serious mom points!!

  2. Adopt me!!! The cape is wonderful.

  3. Mom, the cape is beyond gorgeous!! Thank you so much for all the love & effort you put into it...I cannot wait to test it out! Coco

  4. A talented Mom & an appreciative daughter - how wonderful is that! The Cape is stunning!!!

  5. Wow, fabulous cape! Love that length, your fabric choice, and the clasp.

  6. You're such a good Mom, Margie! Congrats on finishing that beautiful cape. Now go vacuum your sewing room. ;)

  7. The cape is fabulous, and Maggie is very fortunate to have you sew for her - which I'm sure she knows. But you've got me very curious about D-J-ing in the desert. Tell us more!

  8. We gather together under a full moon to celebrate life, dance, and extended community. This 8-minute video says it all. (I’m DJing at the end!)

  9. Maggie, thanks so much for posting the video - I was curious too. LOVE it! The site, the structures, the ambience...I could actually feel myself immersed there. Your cape looks like it will be the perfect garb :)

  10. Thanks, Jilly! It's going on its maiden voyage to the desert this coming weekend. I can't wait!

  11. Gorgeous cape! I especially like the velvet trim.

  12. How amazing is that cape! I admire all your hard work and for your daughter. That is very sweet. I've been looking for a cape in thrift stores and havent stumbled upon a single one....yet....


  13. Thank you for your review of this cape on sewing pattern reviews, and the link to your blog post.
    I made this cape for my own daughter about 3 or 4 years ago. I used cotton velveteen for the outer and egyptian cotton for the lining. My daughter LOVES this cape.
    Here is my question: I am fixin' to make another (similar) for a man. I am planning to make the cape from coat-weight 100% wool and again use a high thread-count cotton for the lining.
    Your review noted the challenges of working with heavy fabrics. Do you think a coat weight wool is too heavy?

    Thank you again.