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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're about to set off for our daughter's house in Venice (the California one, not the Italian one). I am, of course, wearing The Boot! (Maybe the 10th time I wear them I won't feel the need to blog about them)
I am wearing a black wool skirt/pant by Shirin Guild which is very similar to the Sewing Workshop Origami skirt, and the Barbara De Jounge sweater that Shams
and I bought at AIF.

I am also taking THE CAPE, which I will blog about next time...
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. You look FAHbulous! One of my dreams is simple: I just want to see, and try on, The Boot in my size. My uber-fantasy dream is to actually buy a pair lol! Please continue blogging about The Boot all you want :D

    May you have a wonder-filled day :)

  2. Me too, JillyBe! I coveteth the boot!

    You look fabulous, Margy. Have a wonderful day in Venice, CA! :D

  3. I cannot wait to know more about THE CAPE. You do look wonderful.