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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Burda Funnel Neck Tee

I made my first from-the-magazine Burda, the very popular funnel-neck tee from the September 2010 issue. I'm very happy with it, but OMG...I stared at the pattern sheet for 15 minutes, trying desperately to focus on one of hundreds (or so it seemed)of patterns, all on the same sheet. I finally outlined the 3 pieces I needed for this tee and traced away. I see why there has been so much hue and cry about Burda consolidating their patterns!
I made this in a polkadot rayon/lycra knit from Marcy Tilton, and it falls somewhere between droopy and drapey!

The assembly and sewing was easy, except for a couple of operator errors. I have Jilly to thank for documenting her journey with this top, and several shortcuts she advised. I made it straight from the pattern, but next time I will definitely alter the sleeve cap; it's so high that I caught it in my serger (one of the operator errors).
Here's the back (memo to self: stand up straight!) and here is is with the BFF
red jacket:
I rarely have had this off my body since I finished it last Thursday. I think another one is in my future!

My workshop last weekend in Petaluma was wonderful...I can wholeheartedly recommend it. There were 12 people in the group, the youngest were in their early 50's, the eldest in their mid-70's.


  1. Another great basic, Margy. I love these textural knits you are using!

  2. You've reminded me to push this pattern to the top of my list again - I made 4 last winter, & they are my most worn knit tops! I can see it being a TNT for you - looks great!

    Even the "droopy" rolled down neckline looks good! I'll have to remember that as an option.... Love the fabric you chose!

  3. I have decided you are my new role model! You look great in the clothes you make. I passed up on many of the patterns before, however after sewing what you've made with them, I really like them. Great style, choice of fabric and great taste. Thank you!

  4. Good that you have found a pattern that could become an TNT. I don't use Burda magazine for all of those horrible line tracing issues.