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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Fashions and Food

I had a lovely, uninterrupted Friday and Saturday to sew, and made my second
McCalls 6408 in a wonderful Ponte from EOS. It's gray with black "leopard" spots, and plain gray on the reverse. Lovely to look at, easy to sew.

The only change I made from the red one was to add inseam pockets, plus a few shortcuts that made the already easy-to-sew jacket even easier. I was so inspired by finishing it by mid-day Saturday that I immediately made my second pair of Vogue 1197, the slim pant. I'm wearing them in the above picture, but I need to tweak them a little before I show them off. Plus, they're black!

My next two projects will be for others; I'm making a cashmere/wool lined cape for my daughter to wear in the desert, and I'm making something for my friend Joan, who chose...Clown Pants!...AKA Vogue 1116.

I'm one of the seemingly few who love pants like these, and I'm excited to sew them. She wants them without the bow in back, and we're making them in a faintly sparkly black poly blend.

Remember my #1 Role Model Jean? She and her buddy Valerie are the subject of a cool new book, Life Dressing: the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, by Joanna Avilluz.

It's drawings of them dressed in their wonderful ensembles. I got mine last week, and I love it!

The Food part of this post?  Yesterday I made this Red Wine and Beef Stew in Claypot from one of my favorite cookbook authors, Andrea Nguyen. It was/is 
outstanding, if I do say so myself. We have cold weather upon us (California Cold, that is) so a hearty stew with a good Syrah is just the ticket.


  1. Your jacket looks so great, Margy. You are so good at knowing your style and choosing the perfect fabrics for the perfect pattern.

    The mushrooms in your stew look great, but you can keep the meat. ;)

    I can't wait to see the clown pants! I want to make that pattern for myself.

  2. LOVE that fabric on you! And the jacket - I like this fabric even better than the red.

    OMG thank you for the link to the book & blog - LOVE!

    I'm with shams on the stew - it looks so yummy, but can you make it that yummy looking without the meat, please? ;)

    The clown pants aren't for me, but I would love to see them on your friend! And I can see you in them too, shams :)

  3. I'm new to your blog...and just love the cutting edge choices you create and sew!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. You've got some fun projects lined up, Margy. I'll be eager to see your future 'blog posts as well.

    Your black/grey leopard cardi is wonderful. So easy-living looking!

    And I'm salivating over that stew. Thanks for the link to the recipe.

  5. Terrific cardi! The drapy type jackets are so much in sytle, and easy to wear over anything-dressed up or casual.

  6. I just found your blog and am thrilled. I think your cardi is fabulous and I hope you show the "clown pants". I am rather intrigued by them as well.

    The stew also looks tempting, and Andrea Nguyen is one of my favorite cookbook authors as well. I've added it to the list of things to make this fall.

  7. I cannot wait to see your clown pants, Mom! (Although I must say I'm salivating over the cape you're making me too...)

    Folks, my mother's skills in the Vietnamese kitchen are not to be disregarded - it is nothing short of inspiring, no matter what she's making. My taste buds can attest to that!