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Thursday, November 17, 2011

WOW! Clowns + Zebras!

TWO items to share! First is Vogue 1116, unfortunately known as "Clown Pants".
Unfortunate, because these are uber-stylish pants designed by Andrea Katz, and some of us LOVE them! I made these for a friend who can DEFINiTELY
work them! They are made out of a crisp nylon taffeta-like blend which makes the unusual seaming visible.

Please notice that she is wearing THE BOOT!

Then, because this is all about ME... I made a quick and satisfying Style Arc Debra Zebra Top which is rapidly becoming a TNT for all who have sewn it...
like Shams, who made TWO in no-time-at-all!
This is in a rayon/lycra black and gray knit from Marcy Tilton from 4 or 5 years ago. It's very similar to the Burda Funnel-Neck Tee which I made a few weeks ago. I will probably wind up morphing the two to achieve the "perfect funnel-neck tee"!

Next? If I'm a good Momma, I will make the wool/satin cape promised to my daughter for her desert parties. BUT, I'm not always a good Momma...we shall see!


  1. The pants look terrific on your friend. And your top could easily be a TNT. The print is fabulous.

  2. First, those pants are phenomenal! I've have that pattern forever and just need to do it, already!

    Your DZ top looks great, too!

  3. You are such a beautiful woman and you make beautiful projects.Those pants and top are so lovely.