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Friday, May 8, 2015


Along the riverfront in Portland. I'm here for 10 days...4 days with my travelin'
fiber buddies, then off to Hammond with my dear friend Willie. Hammond is just
west of Astoria, and Willie has a gorgeous condo right on the Columbia River.

Tide going out...taken from the living room window seat...

Silversea Cruise ship , one of many which make a stop in Astoria. This is my second time at Willi's condo and I could move in in a second! I fall asleep at night to the sound of the little waves breaking on the shore. We are, as always, having a fabulous time, but first, I want to write about the wonderful weekend
in Portland with my fiber friends.

I arrived on Thursday night, to find most of the women already there. We stayed in a very nice hotel, the Hotel DeLuxe; nice rooms, good food, lovely staff. I'd stay there again any time!

We had an agenda that included fabric stores, boutiques, restaurants and a
reservation to the about-to-end "Italian Fashion Since 1945" Exhibit at the Portland Art Museum.

We set out Friday morning to several boutiques...

Shams and Ann admiring a necklace...

and Mardel reaching into her purse to complete her purchase! She bought a lovely multi-blue stones necklace.

I was too busy shopping to take many pictures...but this one I love: Shams sashaying up the street in her newly purchased mini skirt which only she could
pull off...

and I, following right behind her, running amok on the streets of Portland.

and I hadn't even had any wine yet! But I was having fun...

We had some great meals...

This was at Platino, a "Long Grape" drink with seedless red grapes, blackcurrant vodka, simple syrup and lemonade. Good, and pretty, too!

We went to the popular PokPok and had a great time...

These are the infamous wings...very spicy (and I like my interpretation better)

I also had a green papaya salad.

I had a WONDERFUL cocktail called "The Khing and I";  I am determined to
find the recipe so I can enjoy it at home.

Here's our group

and Shams, who selflessly fought for hard-to-get reservations, although there was very little she could eat.

On Saturday, we went to the Portland Art Museum for the Italian Fashion

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed. It was a super show; I was amazed at how current the designs from the 40's and 50's looked. As usual, the museum shop was wonderful and we all spent a long time (and $) there. There was a great sculpture garden outside the entrance which we all enjoyed.

A Deborah Butterfield sculpture...

Some Ducati motorcycles before we got into the exhibit...

 A Melvin Katz sculpture that appealed to those of us who love black and red...

Like Shams and me!

We usually have a "Show and Tell" before the weekend comes to a close, so we
can all enjoy each other's treasures.

Patti, Shams and Jan laying out their purchases, and

Shams photographing the evidence.

This group knows how to SHOP!

There was more good food and drink...

This was an incredible bread-pudding-infused french toast which I had for
breakfast one morning...apparently some others in our group had a big
dust-up involving bread pudding for dessert...I wasn't in on it, and nobody
went to jail, so all's well that ends well.

Here we are on the last night in the Driftwood Bar, having a Good Time. Patti looks like she's falling off her chair. Nancy, me, Mardel, Liana, Jan and Patti.

Big smiles!

I stayed on for a few days by myself, taking several long long walks around Portland. It's a great city for walking.

I had  Pork Larb and a Singha beer for lunch

and a plate of steamers and  spicy broccolini for dinner. Yummm!

Such a great weekend...a fabulous group of women who speak the same language!
I think I'll save the rest for another post...stay tuned for more fun and some 
serious RTW damage.



  1. I am so jealous! You look like you had the best time!

  2. This makes me so happy to read. I can imagine just how much fun and camaraderie you all had.

  3. What a great weekend that was! I miss you all so much already!!!!

  4. Fabulous, Margy! I love seeing your version of our visit! (And I can't wait to hear more about the rest of your stay!)

  5. What a fantastic and beautiful group to be with! I don't really believe one can have too much fun, but it looks like you were having too much fun! ;-)

  6. Way to go girls! Show the rest of us how to do it!

  7. Sounds wonderful - come to Ashland next time!

  8. I read about your trip yesterday on Shams's blog. We're driving through Portland in June, and I'm delighted to know about their great shops for fiber arts enthusiasts. I've already told my husband he'd better come up with some activities of his own for a couple of days, unless he wants to get stuck trailing along with me while I shop!

  9. I'm a shameless east coast lurker, loving your blog (and Shams), enjoying immensely both your sewing projects and the account of your portland trip. Keep on blogging.

  10. Looks like such a wonderful time!! I haven't been to Portland since I was a kid; it would seem I need to plan a visit!

  11. It was such a fabulous weekend, I miss everyone already, and Portland too. Thanks for the wonderful report, so full of good memories.

  12. This sure looks like fun! The photo bombs of you in the streets of Portland made me laugh, and the one of you and Shams is picture perfect!

    We love Oregon too....we often drive down to Cannon Beach for a long weekend. I didn't even realize there was a west of Astoria, LOL. But I imagine Hammond follows close on the tails of that quaint little town.

  13. Holy cow - that looks like so. much. FUN!! I'm glad you were able to spend time with this fabulous-looking bunch of like-minded women. Fibre and food, sounds like a good diet to me. I love your photos. My fave though is you on the sidewalk, enjoying life! What a beautiful place. I've driven down the coast years and years ago and it took my breath away.