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Sunday, March 12, 2017


I didn't really plan to take a break...I've been dealing with a health issue and a few other inconveniences, then I began a BIG studio clean out and finally got back my sewing mojo...so here I am!

I tried out Sandra Betzina's new jacket/vest pattern, V1540, in a two-sided
quilted poly from Mood Fabrics.

I love that the other side (solid "merlot") shows a little when I move...

The weight of this fabric is better-suited to my climate than some of the heavier ones I've sewn lately...although, it's in the high eighties this weekend, so I'll
need to bring out my lighter-colored clothes now.

I also made another pair of my "Trifecta" pants in a pretty floral print stretch cotton from Marcy Tilton..

Teddy is doing well, maturing a little bit...he goes to a doggy day care several times a week at his trainer's where he gets to play with the big dogs. He's growing
big, himself!

I forgot to take pictures of some of the food I've been cooking, except for  this recipe for
linguini and clams,
 which is one of our favorites...

It's better with little manilla clams, but this is what my market had.

I'm hard at work on a somewhat complicated jacket in my studio...I hope it will be finished by the next time I post!

I'm heading off to Patti's Visible Monday party...come pay us a visit!



  1. Beautiful as always. I love your style.

  2. Wonderful new jacket and you look beautiful wearing it. Hello, Teddy - you are getting to be a big boy! xox


  3. We've missed your posts. Glad to see your new vest. Hope all health concerns fade away completely.

  4. Hope you are all well now. A good clean out of the studio usually results in restarting the mojo!

  5. You look adorable in your new makes, and I hope you're feeling better. Missed seeing you...

  6. I love you're makes...all of them actually-such style....but you still don't look 100%....may I suggest Capitol by John Lanchester his most recent....snuggly up with Teddy for a long little nap, do this for about a week...Dr's. orders......

  7. I'm so glad you're back. You look great in both pieces. Is that pant outfit slightly pink??? Or just a light red? I love the color on you whatever it is! And your glasses, are they pink?? They look great.
    Glad the lad is doing well, he sure is growing! Hope your health issue is resolving itself.

  8. Ditto all that Gayle said. Karen

  9. Lovely to see you out in your garden Margy! Do take good care of yourself! xo

  10. Beautiful! So glad I discovered your blog through another fashion blog.

  11. You look beautiful, as always, and I'm glad to see you back! Teddy is a lucky guy. ;) Did you read "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle"? In that novel, the boy is mute. The way the boy trains his dog without speaking makes me think of your challenges with adorable Teddy.

  12. The vest looks beautiful. And I missed your posts. I hope you are feeling yourself again.

  13. Glad to see Sandra's newer pattern. Your version is wonderful with the pop of color. I had some fabric in mind for it but it's winter wear and it's really warming up here quickly. Today we had thunder, heavy rain and an hour later it's 74 and the sun is shining. Think I'd better start pulling out the Spring/Sunner fabrics. Teddy has grown so much, he's really a beautiful dog.

  14. Oh I'm so glad you're back! And looking faaaabulous. Excellent jacket - I love the drape and can picture how it must move so royally. I am excited also for the new jacket you're working on. Yes, cleaning out the studio can lead to all sorts of things. I'm glad in your case you found your mojo in there. Sorry to hear of the health issues but there's nothing like some creativity to help ease the mind/spirit at least. Hugs. Teddy playing with the big dogs - they grow so quickly!