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Sunday, November 30, 2014


Yee haw! We finished moving everything back where it belongs and I got to return to my studio. FINALLY. 

I had two projects that have been in process since we started our renovations, and I finally got to finish them.

First up, another pair of Marcy Tilton pants, V8929, which I've made several times before...this pair is out of a lovely "French 'faded scroll' printed stretch denim - gray"  from Emma One Sock...

This pattern has become my favorite pull on pant and goes together quickly. The 
OTHER  new things I am wearing are my Superga Silver Sneakers...

Such fun!

Next, I made a jacket from V8620, an OOP Marcy Tilton pattern that I made
here and here.

I lengthened the jacket by about 10 inches. I love the collar on this jacket and can't wait to wear it!

I'm going over to Not Dead Yet Style Visible Monday where there is a sign up
for a Karina Dress give-away. Thanks, Patti! Come on over, sign up for the give-away, and marvel at the Visible Women!



  1. Wonderful, rich fabrics, Margy. I also love the collar on your new jacket - that open style is my favorite. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xo

  2. Oh wow! I love that baroque velvet flocket jacket, just lovely. Nice pants too. And I now desperately need a pair of silver superga shoes too. I have a gold pair (very similar) that I think goes with just about everything ;-)

  3. Very nice pants and jacket. Both look great on you!
    It's good to see the jacket lengthened. I've got the pattern but never made it. Now I know it will look good if I lengthen it to fit me.

  4. I love your flocked denim jacket. It's very good in this longer length.

  5. Love that Marcy Tilton jacket in the longer length. Great fabric choices also. I found the pattern on Etsy and I will be making this soon.

    1. I love this jacket in a longer length too....makes me want to re-make it a la Margy. Love this rendition! I always wanted to make it in a cozy sweater knit too. You are always an inspiration and I miss seeing you.

  6. Love the jacket! I have some flocked print knit fabric purchased in Turkey - did not have an idea what to make - it just "grabbed me". Thanks for the iinspiration!

  7. Very stylish! And the shoes are perfect :)

  8. This is a cheeky, yet sincere request: I would love to hear how you came upon your style because it is so honed, with every piece you see being well curated - something I would love to be able to emulate! Rachel ☺ p.s congratulations on surviving renovations with your sanity intact!

  9. So glad you're back in the studio whipping up your usual casual-chic garments! Why is it that so many of the Tiltons' jackets look even better when made longer? I've done that a time or two myself.

  10. i just love your style. Your pieces are always so well put together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Oh I just love the flocked denim you used for the MT jacket! Just awesome!

  12. Beautiful and stylish as always my dear!


  13. Love your baroque jacket, very glamorous and immaculate. You look amazing!

  14. The baroque jacket is a piece of art and looks incredible on you. Happy to hear that you're back in the studio, post renovation.

  15. Everything is fabulous, but then, it always is :)

  16. Can I come live in your sewing room?

  17. Welcome back ... good to be home in the studio, we can see! Very cool outfits, and your silver sneaks are subtle glam, just delicious. Such a good idea to make a long jacket in that shape and fabric ... very romantic. You inspire so many of us to make these deceptively simple leaps that yield such original results! Thanks again!

  18. Great outfits! Any chance you'd share the finished renovation with us? I'd love to see the changes!! :)

  19. I was inspired by your review of this pattern to search it out - have some jacquard I'd like to use. You are a very beautiful model for your lovely jacket

  20. Wow, you're awesome! Great pieces!
    Dawn Lucy